Surgical Options for Chronic Jaw Pain

Suffering from jaw pain constantly can be a horrible experience, making you feel miserable 24/7. Whether you’re working or simply resting, you will always have aching jaws. Eating can be even more painful and merely taking over the counter meds may not help.  In cases like these, the only way to rid yourself of the [...]

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What to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Did you recently get your tooth extracted after it was causing you a lot of pain? To make the post-extraction period a little less painful, we have crafted a short guide on what to do. With adequate care, you can minimize the risk of infections, complications, and further pain. Whenever you overlook dental care, it [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dry Sockets

What You Need to Know About Dry Sockets Dry sockets are often regarded as one of the most painful dental procedures that occur after a tooth extraction. Many patients report a sharp pain after their tooth is extracted, which might be a symptom of dry socket. After tooth extraction, a blood clot usually forms near [...]

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What You Need to Know About Facial Trauma Treatment

What You Need to Know About Facial Trauma Treatment Several situations can lead to facial and head trauma. A few common examples are car accidents, sports injuries, and falls. There are several types of injuries that can lead to facial trauma, including Damage to the bones of the head and face - Fractures are most [...]

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