Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth or throat, it is also more commonly seen in men than women. Sometimes cancer can be unavoidable, with most that is the case. Some have cancer in their genetics and some are just plain unlucky. When it comes to oral health, there are a few things you can do to prevent it. Below are nine tips to protect yourself to the best of your ability.


  1. Eat Cancer-Fighting Foods- Eat as many “cancer-fighting” foods as possible such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, turmeric, yogurt, kale, and mushrooms.
  2. Alcohol- Only consume alcohol in moderation, try to limit yourself to one drink per day.
  3. Use SPF lip balm- If you spend time outside, protecting your lips should be a priority! There are lots of options for chapstick with SPF in them, even fragrance-free for men.
  4. Cut all Tobacco- Smoking or chewing tobacco increases your chance of oral cancer by more than a third.
  5. Oral Hygiene- Make sure yo